Eat More to Lose More

It’s a fact, eating raises your metabolism; the trick is to eat smaller meals more often, ideally every three to four hours. By doing this your metabolism will be constantly working at a high fat burning rate. Eating smaller meals also keeps your appetite under control; you will never find yourself overeating when you are supplying your body with sufficient nutrients all day. Trying to starve yourself will not work; your body will sense this. It will lower your metabolic rate to conserve calories, thus slowing down your weight loss. So again, eat small and eat often! Eating before bed? If you’re looking to shake some weight, not eating three to four hours before bed is ideal. The reason this works is any excess calories not burned in your body will be stored as body fat. If you have very little food in your body before bed you are eliminating the chance of your body storing any excess calories. It will also force your body into burning body fat while you sleep.

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